Nascar 2016 Game

There will be a Nascar 2016 game. The information has been revealed by Eutechnyx. An UK based company which owns Nascar’s license for making video games. This license is valid since 2010, the moment in which Eutechnyx took over the license from EA. The game will be, definitely, a great asset for the gamer community and, of course, Nascar fans. The deal for the game has been worked on for several months. Now that the complex negotiations and terms of agreements have been done, the company has announced the new game to be released next year.

The game will be a racing simulator which will include several games and options for players. It will be created by DMi for consoles as Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The game will also be available for PC. Also, other games including the Nascar game will be released. Such is the case of Nascar Manager, which will be re released anytime soon.

On another note, it’s been said that Eutechnyx is working on an update extension to the current Nascar 2014. It will be released to the market during the new months for Xbox 360, PlayStation3 and PC.  

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