how much does the earth weigh

Kids and their questions. The other day, my beautiful and amazing toddler asked me, at dinner, a question I couldn’t answer. She was having her mac and cheese in silence and, then, out of the blue, she went: “Mommy, how much does the earth weigh?”. At that point of the day, having played for hours, picked her up at school and other daily motherly tasks I was too tired to even begin so I went on and told her I didn’t know. She was okay with me not knowing and, she probably forgot within the next five minutes. However, after I put her to sleep, I began wondering on that question. Now I needed to know how much the earth weights.

So, I did some research and I found that weighing the Earth is not an easy task. You can’t put the Earth on a scale and find out, you know? So, to know its actual weight, you need to measure the attraction forces. Isaac Newton was the first person to consider this question and he developed a formula which involved the attraction forces and the distances between objects. 

When I approached my five-year-old to tell her what I had found out she looked at me and replied: “Oh, okay”. 

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